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Tyresoles Ecomiles Certified Retreaded Truck Tyres 12.00*20

Tyresoles Ecomiles Certified Retreaded Truck Tyres 12.00*20

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Rim Size 20 Inches
Section Width 254 Millimetres
Load Index Rating 121/126
Speed Rating



Every ECOMILES Tyre comes with a replacement guarantee, if the tyre develops air separation within one month from the date of invoice. ECOMILES also carries two years retreading warranty from the date of invoice, against any failures arising out of defective material and/or workmanship.
  • First Lifecycle Casings only
  • Popular Branded Standard Profile Casings
  • Casings with shore A hardness of 65+-2
  • Casings with zero Beed Damages
  • Intact Inner liners
  • Casings with Zero Sidewall Damages
  • Casings with Zero Shoulder Damages
  • Maximum 3 Reinforcements up to BP5
  • Casings without air separations
  • Retreads with Tear Strength of>6Kg/mm

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